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Many people will say that there's no such thing as poor (wet) weather - just the wrong clothes! Whilst that is true, its always good to have a few places to visit where you can have a great, family day out without getting rained on. Here are some ideas.

There's lots to do in Cardiff

On a wet day, a visit to Cardiff has lots to offer the whole family:

Go Underground

Underground the conditions are always the same - so in the summer it feels cool but in the winter it's warm - and it's always the same - no rai from above!

So a trip to Big Pit National Coal Museum or A Welsh Coal Mining Experience: Rhondda Heritage Park will always be exciting, informative and out of the weather.

If you like industrial stories then another option out of the rain is to hop on a steam train and enjoy the views - we have 2 in Southern Wales - Brecon Mountain Railway and Blaenavon's Heritage Railway - both of which are fun for the young but are also a memory trigger for older visitors.

Museums are full of stories

Do you visit museums? If not, then give them a try - they bring hidden and forgotten stories to life, and can easily fill a wet afternoon in an entertaining way. Here are some of the local museums across Southern Wales:

  • Cyfarthfa Castle in Merthyr Tydfil - everything from the first steam whistle to dresses designed by Julien McDonald - and even Hover washing machines!
  • Pontypool Museum has a fabulous collection of Japanware - iron made beautiful.
  • Pontypridd Museum - exhibitions about life in Ponty - the mines, the railways, Brown Lenox Chainworks and more.

If it's Wet - then Get Wetter

If it's raining then why not embrace the weather and get wetter - have a go at a water sport - Southern Wales has great facilities:

You could do some other adventures - like rock climbing at Rock UK, Mountain Biking at Bike Park Wales, Cwmcarn or Dare Valley Country Park or walk to a waterfall, such as Penpych, Sgwd yr Eira or in the Clydach Gorge.