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Tour Guides

Make sure you get the most out of your visit to the region by hiring the services of a tour guide.

Members of The Wales Official Tour Guide Association are the only guides officially recognised to be able to guide in Wales. They can provide highly trained, professional and experienced Blue Badge Guides, who will help bring your journey to life.

There are dozens of guides, each with their own specialisms, interests and
language skills. Blue Badge Guides can take you all over the region, whilst Green Badge Guides offer a more specialist and localised expertise.

To find a guide to suit your needs please visit

Vale Ambassadors

For first-hand knowledge about what to see and where to go, get in touch with one of our Vale Ambassadors.

There are 50 such volunteers who are eager to share their enthusiasm for the local area and their specialist knowledge. They can be contacted by email or telephone before you visit the Vale, and some are available to greet you during your trip.

For further information on visit or call +44 (0)1446 704867